Thank you for joining our first online conference!

Thank you for joining our first online conference!

The European Forum Alpbach is pleased about a successful and very international event. Watch our thank you video here. 

“The experiment was successful,” says EFA President Franz Fischler at the end of the first 12-day hybrid Forum Alpbach. The Forum, which in its 75th year of existence took place in Alpbach under strict Corona prevention measures and otherwise as a digital conference, is delighted with more than 5000 participants from 134 countries, most of them online. This year’s Forum attracted about the same number of participants as last year.

More than 300 sessions with over 600 speakers from 23 countries around the world were streamed into the online conference. The focus was on measures to eliminate the effects of the Corona crisis and on strengthening international cooperation.

Sessions curated by alumni organisations were very popular

When the decisions on programme and formats were made, it was felt that in challenging times like these, a forum was needed to discuss the impact of the pandemic and the state of the world afterwards. “The lively discussions that have taken place at the Forum Alpbach in recent weeks prove us right in this assumption. Especially the more than 2000 participants under the age of 30 have contributed to the debate in a very active and cheerful manner. We consider this a great success,” said President Franz Fischler.

In addition to the session with UN Secretary General António Guterres, which was attended by almost 1000 people, the events curated worldwide by alumni organisations of the Forum Alpbach Network were particularly popular.

It was also pleasing to see that there were hardly any problems with the implementation of corona prevention measures. Almost all of the approximately 800 people who were guests in Alpbach adhered to the rules issued by the Forum.

“Since it was my last Forum as a President, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my board colleagues and my team, who have done an outstanding job in the past weeks and months and are largely responsible for the success of our event,” said Fischler.