The European Forum Alpbach is an interdisciplinary platform for science, politics, business and culture. Established in 1945, the annual European Forum Alpbach and our events throughout the year address the relevant socio-political questions of our time.

We connect international decision-makers with an interested audience from all sectors of society and committed young people. Our goal is to create a dialogue across the generational, ideological and other lines that divide us.

In its 75th year of existence the European Forum Alpbach had to completely reinvent itself. This year for the first time, the Forum will be a 12-day online conference. We will receive inputs from partner organisations all over the world. Together we will discuss the restart of our societies after the pandemic and the fundamentals of our future.

Luiza Puiu © Luiza Puiu

Events curated by young people

In addition, alumni Clubs around the world will contribute to the Forum. You will find over 50 digital events curated by young people. The EFA online conference is a unique chance to see the impact of the pandemic in a much wider context and get perspectives from places you have never been.

Bogdan Baraghin © Bogdan Baraghin


The conference tool we have chosen for our online conference offers various opportunities for interaction with specific groups of participants or between individual participants. There is, for example, a separate networking area and so-called lounges to meet, chat and exchange digital business cards.

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